What will accessibility be like at Vogrie Pogrie?

The festival is small and mostly utilises the existing park infrastructure and services. The park has accessible toilets and accessible parking near the house. It is also possible to park next to your tent. Of course it is parkland and a natural setting, however many of the park paths have recently been surfaced with wheelchairs in mind. We plan to use some matting to improve tricky to navigate areas. We are considering accessibility in all aspects of the festival and have consulted with Artlink and Cherry Road.

Will there be toilets?

Yes, there will be (real, not Portaloo!) toilets next to the campsite.

Will there be showers?

Sadly there will be no showers available over the weekend.

What food will be available at Vogrie Pogrie?

Vogrie Country Park’s Tree Top Café will be open every day from 9am-5pm, and we will also have vegan food available in the Woodland Cabaret area (close to the campsite) into the evening, a hot dog stall and a chip van. 

Are dogs allowed?

Yes! Dogs are welcome at Vogrie Pogrie, but we ask that you keep them on the lead at all times and make sure to pick up their poo!

Can I bring my caravan/campervan?

Yes! You will just need to purchase an extra campervan pass, available for £10 on our ticketing website here. Unfortunately we cannot provide electric hookups for campervans. 

When does the campsite open on the Friday?

The campsite will open from 2pm on the Friday with the Festival itself starting at 6pm.

When do activities start on Saturday and Sunday?

Activities start at 11am on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday the programme runs right through until 1am. On Sunday the programme will begin to wind down late afternoon and there will be music jams, the campfire, food, a bar and chai into the evening.

Can we camp til Monday morning?

Yes, you are welcome to camp Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights if you wish, but we would ask all campers to leave by Monday morning.

What is the deal with cooking in the campsite?

You will be welcome to cook in the campsite with gas burners or portable bbqs as long as they are raised off the grass, but no campfires are allowed in the campsite. There will be a big fire in the Woodland Cabaret area, just next to the campsite, if you would like to toast marshmallows or similar.